Entropic: 10% of U.S. TV Homes Will Have MoCA in 2011


Anton Monk, Entropic Communications’ VP of technology, argues that Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA) is firmly entrenched as a de facto home-networking technology.

According to Monk, by late 2011 at least 10% of the pay-TV households in the U.S. will be MoCA enabled, including at least 4 million Verizon FiOS homes. Operators deploying MoCA-based products include Verizon, DirecTV, Cox and Comcast (see Entropic Ups Q3 Sales Forecast and TiVo May Order Up MoCA For Multiroom DVR).

MoCA will coexist with Ethernet and Wi-Fi in the home. Compared with Ethernet, it provides the advantage of “no new wires”; versus Wi-Fi, MoCA doesn’t run into (as many) interference issues.

“In a few years, customers will just expect to have an IP network in their home,” Monk said.

But the current generation of MoCA 1.1 tops out at 175 Mbps. For that reason, Verizon isn’t using MoCA 1.1 for its 150-Mbps FiOS Internet tier — instead, it’s using Ethernet over Cat 5 cabling between the ONT and Internet router to give it enough breathing room (see FiOS Zips Into Speed Lead With 150-Meg Broadband).

The next generation of MoCA is on deck for a 2012 debut. The 2.0 spec can deliver 400 Mbps net throughput in a basic configuration, up to 500 Mbps in “Turbo mode,” and 800 Mbps and 1 Gbps in channel-bonded mode (see MoCA 2.0 OK’d For Home Networking Over Coax and MoCA Brewing Up Bigger Bandwidth).

Entropic’s 2.0 chips are sampling now, with production shipments targeted for Q1 2012. At CES, along with demonstrating 2.0 prototypes, Entropic announced a design win with Actiontec Electronics — which supplies the FiOS broadband routers — to develop a MoCA 2.0-enabled router.

Said Monk: “The way you address quality-of-service issues is to make more bandwidth available to all applications.”