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Fake Buffering?

White House Appears To Add Some Faux Delay To Its Title II Video Pitch
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The White House appears to have put a fake "buffering" symbol and several-second delay before the President's video Monday announcing his desire to reclassify Internet access under Title II to prevent ISPs from slowing 'net traffic.

Check the "buffering" icon at the beginning, which is clearly part of the video production rather than an actual buff.

It is clearly an attempt to be clever, but instead leaves the impression of simulating a problem to justify having to fix it. Not sure that was the wisest idea. Where were the adults in the room?

My guess is I am not the only one who noticed. OK, I know I am not because someone called me to register their opinion that that was bush league. "Why? It seems so silly and fraudulent to falsely create that message," he said.

The White House press office had not responded to an e-mail for comment--their preferred medium of communications--at press time.