Fake Controversies and Right Wing Drama Queens


The 2008 presidential campaign might go down ias the most stunt-infested contest in U.S. history.  From the lipstick on a pig controversy to the latest fake controversy drawn out of thin air (with a sprinkle of paranoia added in) around the debate moderation of Gwen Ifill - jumping to conclusions an upcoming book beyond all recognition.  

After the Katie Couric trainwreck interview, during which Palin proved without a doubt that she’s inexperienced and unread.   Miller Creek middle schoolers here in San Rafael know more about politics, history, geography and the Supreme Court.

the all-out effort to sully Ifill is nothing more than another Steve Schmidt stunt, prepping his blame game.  Because it’s a matter of when, not if, Sarah Palin .

anything in what to deflect attention away from one of the most self-serving and irresponsible decisions in the history of the GOP: the nomination of the desperately unqualified  - Sarah Palin.

The voters have seen the ploy for what it is - a stunt to appeal to the base.  But in the meantime, in a time of crisis, the GOP has put into a position a dunce