Finding Content You Want -- But Don't Know You Want

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Greg Gudorf has spent the last 15 months at Technicolor building up a team of nearly 100 engineers in Burbank, Calif., who are focused on one thing: making discovering TV and video content better.

Gudorf previously was CEO of Paul Allen’s DVR project, Digeo (which was acquired in 2009 by Arris). He’s now overseeing development of Technicolor’s MediaNavi product, which the company debuted at CES. The software is a next-generation guide platform, encompassing user interfaces for set-tops, tablets, computers and other devices that provide browsing, search, recommendations and social-media integration.

MediaNavi is aimed at helping consumers discover not only the content they want, but also “the content they want but don’t know they want, and content the studios want them to see,” Gudorf said.

He continued, “It has to be personal. It’s the difference between walking into a library and staring at the shelves, and walking into a library and asking, ‘Hey, where do you have this book?’”

Today’s experience is still “too broken into pieces,” Gudorf said. “You search the guide, you search the Internet and you search VOD last.”

This summer, Technicolor expects to launch a trial with U.K. broadband provider TalkTalk using MediaNavi on tablets as a “personalized and enriched second-screen video experience.” TalkTalk, which has about 4.5 million subscribers, also are looking a future integration of MediaNavi into TalkTalk’s set-top boxes.

The topic of search and discovery is hot in the industry right now. It was a key theme in my panel at the On Demand Summit 3.0 this week, and as well as the Multichannel News’ May 12 webinar, Guide-ing TV’s Brand (New) Future (click here to register to view the archive). Also check out Finding Needles In the VOD Haystack from this week’s issue.


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