FiOS to Offer 100 Mbps in 2009? Perhaps Not


Verizon is disputing a report that it plans to roll out 100-Mbps FiOS Internet service for consumers next year.

Trade publication Telephony Onlinereported Thursday that Verizon is preparing to offer 100-Mbps broadband services next year, citing an online presentation by Vincent O’Byrne, Verizon’s director of FTTP architecture and design. 

Asked about the report, Verizon Telecom director of media relations Jim Smith said, "We clearly have no product plans ready for announcement at this point regarding speeds like that in ‘09."

According to Smith, O’Byrne wasn’t speaking about commercial launch plans.

"Vincent reviewed the fact that our technolgy and network folks have been examining the delivery systems and testing actual service rates approaching 100 Mbps in the context of the burgeoning need for bandwidth in the home," Smith said, adding that "this is our FTTP design expert talking, so he sees the world through engineering eyes and was speaking via his engineering mouth."