FishbowlLA Wants Your Vote on The 'Worst Media Feeding Frenzy Ever!'


In response to today’s Washington Post article by Howard Kurtz - in which McCain campaign strategist Steve Schmidt called the media attention trained on GOP VP pick Sarah Palin the worst media "feeding frenzy" he’s ever seen -  FishBowlLa is running a poll.

Media Bistro’s "FishBowlLa" blog wants your your vote!  They want to know: what do you think is the "worst media frenzy ever."  Click here to go to MBLA and register your opinion.

Currently, in the top spot with 25% of the vote:  the JonBenet/Lacy Peterson/Chandra Levy/Natalie Holloway frenzies.  Running a close second at 21% is Monica Lewinsky.