Fox Business Launches Attack on CNBC's Jim Cramer


The low-rated (i.e. so small that the network falls below the Nielsen minimum standard for reporting) Fox Business just can’t seem to get any traction among viewers.  One day last week, the network averaged a 81,000 viewers, its biggest audience to date. 

So what’s a network to do?  Revamp their programming philosophy?  Change their style?  Nope.  Drive up the negatives of their competitors.  It’s classically…Rovian

Two weeks ago Fox Business purchased a full page ad in the NYT snarking at CNBC for taking the "weekend off" during the financial crisis.  Now, they’ve deployed attack ads targeting CNBC’s Jim Cramer.

Reports TV Newser, yesterday:

The promos are running on FBN and FNC, as well as through local avails on CNBC in many of the biggest markets (including New York, Chicago and Los Angeles). The print ads ran in the New York Times and Wall St. Journal today, in the National section.

ETA:  OTOH, Aaron Barnhart says the Fox Business ads are "working" for him and Jim Cramer is "not."

ETA: This LA Times blog says Cramer calls have often been right.