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Fox News Rachel Marsden, Red Eye-Candy, Escorted Out By Security?

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0 is reporting that Toronto Sun columnistRachel Marsden, Red Eyes’ humorless, neo-con trouble-magnet hired mostly for her great legs, wasescorted out by security a few hours ago.

Salon did the digging and unearthed a creepy history. “The 31-year-old columnist is already well known in her native Canada as an oft-accused and once-admitted stalker who made questionable rape charges of her own 10 years ago, in a case that eventually cut short the career of a university president and changed the tenor of harassment cases all over Canada. In 1999, a professor at the same university went to the police with charges Marsden was stalking him, and in 2004 she pleaded guilty to criminally harassing a former Vancouver radio host.”

But the Fox News attitude seemed to be — but, oh, never mind that.   She’s a neo-con!  Yaaay! And a hottie, too.

Asked Salon: “What was Fox thinking?”

Should they have thought twice?

This is the second time in the space of a week that a Red Eye regular has gone down in Fox flames.

Last week, Red Eye’s entertainment pundit,  Julia Allison, made a wacky but funny remark about the show. “Because the show is so loose…,” she said to The New York Observer,  “and, my God, the sh*t that we get into — the sex, the bestiality — holy crap! I can’t believe that sh*t is on Fox News!”

The irony was lost on Fox. She was banned from Red Eye

Fox rules of conduct are hard to parse but this is my best guess: strippers and pole dancing are acceptable forms of entertainment and can even substitute for business news. Just don’t use the word — gasp! – “bestiality” even in a joking manner. That will get you canned.