Generation Y Tuning In to Over-the-Top TV


For those who may think cord-cutting isn’t something TV providers should be worried about over the long term, I have a chart to show you.

About 24% of Generation Y (13-31) consumers said an Internet-connected TV devices is their first choice for watching TV shows — four times the proportion of Baby Boomers, according to a new survey from Knowledge Networks. The survey polled 1,008 people ages 13 to 64 in TV homes in April 2011.

True, the youngsters are still most likely to turn on regular TV to catch a show live (44%) but that’s far lower than Boomers (66%). Gen Y also uses DVRs less than Gen Xers. And note that we’re still in the first or second inning of connected TV phenomenon and the kinds of content available through them (see More Than 500 Million Connected TVs Worldwide By 2015: Forecast and Hulu Plus Notches 875,000 Subscribers).

Other research has found Gen Yers have considerably more proclivity to drop cable than their elders (see Younger People Much More Likely To Cut Pay-TV Cord: J.D. Power).

MSOs see the shift to TV viewing on Internet-connected devices, and they’re responding with plans to put apps across a bevy a gadgets — but they will need to move fast to stay in the game (see CES: Comcast, TWC To Hook Into Samsung’s Smart TVs, Tablets). And even then they’re just one app amid dozens, or hundreds or thousands.

The question is, Will the younger generation at some point subscribe to “real” TV? Or do their current media-consumption habits point toward an eventual decline of traditional television viewing?

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First Choice for Watching TV Shows

Source: Knowledge Networks


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