Going Once, Going Twice...

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The Federal Communications Bar Association is taking its gavel online.In this case, the gavel belongs to an auctioneer rather than a judge.

The FCBA’s annual charity auction/raffle is being held Oct. 28 in Washington, but it is also now available and open for bidding at www.biddingforgood.com/fcbafoundation.

The auction benefits Project Wait No Longer (Project WNL), which seeks a stable home life for foster kids, and the FCBA Foundation, which offers scholarships, internship stipends, and suports charitable causes, like WNL.

Cable is well-represented in the lineup, including four tickets to a taping of E!’s “Chelsea Lately” and NFL playoff tickets, courtesy of E! and Versus (Comcast) and two tickets to Comedy Central’s The Daily Show

Also among the hot items on the block were two tickets to CBS’ David Letterman Show, and a pair of duckets to Fox’s American Idol (donated by AT&T, according to the Web site, rather than Fox).

The raffle grand prize is a 3D entertainment center including TV, Blu-ray player and glasses (what, no DYD of “House of Wax”?).