The Good Reasons and Bad Reasons Barack Obama Deserves Your Vote


I’ve been thinking about this post for a long time.  First, let me say, that my entire family here in Marin County has already voted - for Obama.

Many of my relatives in Keokuk, Iowa also voted for Obama.  We felt strongly enough to max out our donations to Obama, even though we are not wealthy. 

There are many negative reasons to vote for Barack Obama and against Senator John McCain, principally I believe a strong message should be sent to the Sith Lord Wing of the Republican Party.  This wing - led in part (according to ???) by senior McCain advisor Charlie Black -  has sullied the GOP reputation with their smears, stunts and seemingly endless lipstick-on-a-pig faux constroversies.

The list is stunningly long, some of which I wrote extensively about early on - before I was just exhausted with it as I’m sure some voters are.


Obama as sex offender (the sex education ad)

The Elizabeth Dole smear (by literally hiring someone to do a voice over and fake of her remarks.  a  disgusted said Black was behind this ad.)

The endless guilt by association with Bill Ayers, Hugo Chavez, Khalidi etc..  (I watched the incessant drumbeat on cable news as GOP operative after GOP operative repeated word for word from the GOP talking point. "Obama’s Political Career was launched in Bill Ayers living room." Most of the time cable anchors allowed the remarks to go unchallenged.  This is completely false and I wrote about it a couple of weeks ago.)

 In one of the low points, the McCain camp made a race-baiting appeal to Pennsylvania voters. McCain’s Pennsylvania Director of Communications participated in the Ashley Todd hoax.  talkingpointsmemo broke the story about McCain camp involvement in pushing the news. McCain Communications Director Gave Reporters Incendiary Version Of "Carved B" Story Before Facts Were Known

Speaking of incendiary, a right wing group distributed 20 million DVD’s in the form of newspaper inserts warning about the terror threat from Muslims.  It was abundantly clear that the DVD’s were meant to instill fear of Barack Obama.

The astonishing smears on right wing Christian Radio make one wonder if there is some sort of mass psychosis taking taking hold in this country.  Bill ??? wrote eloquently of the problem, that Obama as terrorist and anti-Christ was code for racism.

Fox News Sean Hannity played a particularly dispicable role in this, airing a one air "documentary" fomenting near hysteria of Bill Ayers, ACORN and all sorts of bogeymen. (ACORN, claimed Hannity, was responsible for the financial meltdown.) The problem: one of Hannity’s principle sources was ????, a known anti-semite who the GOP was even unwilling to accept as candidate kicked out of the U.S. Army for grandiose ?????

But, hey, he was good enough for Sean Hannity!

This weekend a new controvery erupted, once again driven by Republican National Committee.  As a last desperate measure to appeal to Ohio and Pennsylvania voters, the RNC disseminated a conspiracy-laden blog post off of a shady blog called Newsbusters. A tape had been uncovered!  The San Francisco Chronicle  had hidden it.  Obama wants to bankrupt the coal industry!

Sarah Palin ranted about it.  Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter declared it would destroy Obama!  Rally attendees screamed about the "liberal press."

The problem, of course, like many of the McCain camp tactics, they’re statements are often gross distortions or an outright lies. (Sure, the Obama camp engages in some distortion but there’s no comparison.)

This time it was an outright lie and the San Francisco Chronicle came out fighting mad about it.  The audio had been available on the Chronicle website for months.  Here’s their editorial on the matter: "Palin’s Reckless Desperation."

Naturally, the RNC probably knew about the interview for months, too. That, or else they don’t know how to use Google and enter simple search phrases like "Obama Interview San Francisco Chronicle." 

The real story probably is: the RNC sat on the information for months and cynically decided to create a last-minute media conspiracy in order to appeal to Ohio and Pennsylvania voters. 

These kinds of stunts are part of the Steve Schmidt playbook.  except they don’t work very well in the age of social media.  (Note to McCain camp - CNN and other news orgs check Twitter by the minute.  This stuff gets vetted quickly.)

Vote for Obama. Why?  Two words: race-baiting.  Send the GOP Sith-Lord wing packing, bring an end to this dispicable politics, and close a shameful chapter in U.S. history once and for all.

It’s downright embarrassing, not to mention dangerous.

  Unfortunately, MSM has failed to widely report the story in the depth it deserves.

Here’s the headline:  (Ms. Todd claimed she’d been sexually assaulted and robbed by a large black man who then became enraged after spotting her McCain/Palin bumper sticker and then mutilated her by carving a "B" for Obama in her cheek.)

Rick Sanchez calls out the media for spreading the hoax: