Google Fiber To Make October Debut in Provo


Google Fiber has been talking about launching 1 Gbps service in Provo, Utah, by “late 2013,” but a recently launched teaser ad offers word that the ISP will begin to light up services sometime in October.

Google Fiber declined to say precisely when it will launch services in Provo, but the city is already taking some unflattering yet humorous shots at the incumbent broadband service providers in the market as that launch date approaches.

While Google Fiber doesn’t call out Comcast and CenturyLink by name, the ad below symbolizes regular “broadband” as a guy in a bathrobe trying to fill a pool with a garden hose, versus Google Fiber, which is represented by a massive blast from a fire hose.  The chuckle-worthy results are predictable:

Comcast, meanwhile, is already bracing for the threat. Late last month, a source confirmed that Comcast was preparing to launch a DOCSIS 3.0 tier in Provo that will deliver up to 250 Mbps downstream by 50 Mbps upstream for $80 per month – the MSO’s fastest so far for its D3 platform (Comcast is also using fiber in the Northeast U.S. to deliver a new 500 Mbps residential service, but has yet to introduce it out west). Word of the coming 250-Meg tier in Provo followed an earlier report that Comcast was also getting ready for Google Fiber by introducing new triple- and double-play packages.   

Google Fiber, which acquired the iProvo assets in late July, has already announced packaging and pricing for Provo that closely follow its service pricing in the Kansas City area – 1 Gig for $70 per month, and a 1 Gbps/TV bundle that starts at $120 per month. In exchange for a $30 construction fee, Google Fiber has also pledged to offer a basic broadband service (5 Mbps down/1 Mbps up) for free for up to seven years.