Gosh, Now I Don't Feel So Badly About Being Banned from Set of Man Men


Gosh, I missed this first time around.  The graf was buried at the conclusion of The AP’s article about the many Emmy after-parties.

"Entertainment Tonight" also hosted its annual post-Emmys party, but The Associated Press wasn’t allowed access after covering the event for the past several years. The celebrity newsmagazine pulled AP’s photo credentials and denied a reporter’s request to go inside, citing AP’s report from June that outlined how "ET" had incorrectly reported the birth of twins to Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

Now I don’t feel so badly.  I’m part of the BANNED club.  Matt Weiner banned me from the set of Mad Men after I called the season two premiere a "masterpiece" and said the series was the best show of the last decade.  Matt thought my review was too spoilerish, apparently.  Nevermind that some of the details in my review came directly AMC publicity…or that at least a dozen other critics wrote reviews that were equally spoilerish.

Yep, that’s what we get for doing our job…BANNED.