Happy 15th, MSNBC


Comcast/NBCU bigwigs hosted a reception Thursday night in their new combined digs a Peacock’s flit from the Capitol, The event was the 15th anniversary of the cable network.Amidst the circulating trays of sushi, chips and guacamole and croquette of grilled cheese sandwich (seriously, and prettygood), company execs, Washington attorneys, former policymakers (Blair Levin for one), and ion-stained journalists talked about the day’s events, including the smackdown former FCC Chairman Kevin Martin had gotten from the Third Circuit Court of Appeals.

Martin has been hammering on Comcast as an attorney for Bloomberg and other NBUC deal critics, so there was littlesympathy for the court’s singling out of his method of noticing the newspaper-broadcast crossownership rule change–an op-ed in the New York Times–as the reason for vacating that change on procedural grounds.

Also on hand was top NBCU exec John McKay collecting comment on how MSNBC had changed the media in the past 15 years and how the media would be experienced 15 years from now. The answers will be woven into the next edition of the NBCUDirect blog Friday.

Comcast EVP David Cohen and Comcast/NBCU Washington President Kyle McSlarrow were on hand, with the latter saying he had been doing a lot of traveling. Former FCC Commissioner Meredith Attwell Baker has not yet come aboard.