HBO's Big Love Moves to Sundays; Where's Deadwood?


Now that HBO’s John from Cincinnati, the aimless David Milch surf drama, is going the way of Davy Jones’ Locker, Big Love moves into the Sunday 9 p.m. slot for the last two episodes of its Sophomore season. 

The move will further confuse viewers who were forced to adjust to a new Monday night time slot after HBO bumped the series from its Sunday perch.

HBO cancelled Deadwood to allow Milch to focus on JfC, a decision that will live in infamy.   Critics came away from the JfC January ‘07 TCA presentation dazed and confused when Milch galloped off on a hallucinogenic (but fascinating) tear about string theory, Big Bang, Stephen Hawking, William James and "lawless intrusion." 

Cast member Austin Nichols admitted that Milch was turning him "around in circles" and that he was "mystified."  Rebecca De Mornay also hinted that she was exasperated with the (non) direction of the series.

Said one top critic, as we milled in the lobby afterwards:  "They cancelled Deadwood for this!?"

The demise of JfC could be good news for Deadwood fans.  During the July ‘07 TCA tour, HBO executives implied that the long-promised and long-awaited Deadwood wrap-up films were contingent in part on a second season of JfC and Milch’s availability.

Said programming group and west coast operations president Michael Lombardo: "The truth of the matter is, if we pick up John, David will have to go right back into working on that show for next summer."


Per Big Love: this Sunday, says HBO,  Barb learns that her mother Nancy is getting remarried, Scott tests the limits of his relationship with Sarah and Alby takes a personal interest in Roman’s rehabilitation.