Holy Matrimony! California Supreme Court Strikes Down Ban on Gay Marriage

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Weddings are always a sure fire way to lasso audiences during sweeps.   Hollywood can now add perfectly legal gay California weddings (or should I say LGBT weddings) to their script checklist, along with tried and true ferry explosions and character deaths.

A few hours ago, the California Supreme Court struck down the ban on gay marriage and yes, there’s dancing in the street here in San Francisco.

Other winning television marriages could include Luke and Noah, the young, angsty gay couple who have captured audience imagination on the daytime soap, As The World Turns.

ABC Network already took the big plunge anyway, last Sunday.  During the season finale of ABC’s  Brothers & Sisters gay characters Kevin Walker (Matthew Rhys) and Scotty Wandell (Luke Macfarlane) tied the knot.  The ceremony was the first of its kind between series regular characters on U.S. broadcast network television.

What’s really heartening is that the ABC wedding went off without a hitch or a huff of protest.  Married GLBT couples are now officially normalized.   "Indeed, it’s no big deal at all," said Boston Globe’s Matthew Gilbert, "ABC has deemed a gay commitment ceremony a sweeps event; no advertisers are pulling out and no hate campaigners are shooting arrows, according to ABC; and life goes on."

Even the governator has spoken.  Schwarzenegger is vowing to uphold the Supreme Court’s ruling. 

Can I just say: right now, at this moment, I’m enormously proud to be a Californian.   

Here’s why it’s so very important to overturn the ban on gay marriage.  This picture, taken took during last year’s LGBT Pride Parade, says it all.  "Marvin & Bill:  Together 51 Years.  Widower Denied."  Sadly, it’s too late for this man.  But at least he fought on for the rights of the next generation.

FYI:  City officials are taking appointments now for weddings, expected to commence in thirty days.