Hulu Still Playing Whac-A-Mole With Web-on-TV Apps


Just a few hours after Hillcrest Labs officially released its Kylo browser — specially designed for viewing on a big-screen TV (see Hillcrest Goes Big-Screen Surfing) — Hulu apparently has blocked the software from accessing its videos.

Recall that Hulu, the joint venture of News Corp., Disney and NBC Universal, has been engaged in an ongoing game of keep-away with startup Boxee, complaining that Boxee somehow violates the Hulu terms of service and/or that Boxee had been taking content “illegally.”

Hillcrest Labs CEO Dan Simpkins said in a statement Monday morning, “We are currently investigating why Hulu videos are not playing within the Kylo browser. Prior to our formal launch, Hulu videos would play within the Kylo browser. Like Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari, the Kylo browser is simply a Web browser, it’s our sincere hope that Hulu isn’t restricting access.”

Hulu has not responded to inquiries about the Kylo browser.

When I previously asked Simpkins about this issue, he said Hillcrest’s Kylo browser was a regular browser — not a walled garden, or an app that was trying to “scrape” video from a site and repackage it in a different interface.

Looks like the Hulu dudes have taken exception anyway. Here’s what you see if you try to watch a Hulu video with Kylo: