Hulu's Post-Election Numbers Dip, But It Has Staying Power

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The 2008 president election helped propel Hulu into position as the sixth-biggest U.S. video site for October, according to comScore. 

So it was to be expected that once Tina Fey’s Sarah Palin winked into the sunset that Hulu’s numbers would fall off. And they did: Hulu, the joint venture of NBCU and News Corp., served 226.5 million videos in November, down 3.7% from 235.1 million the month prior, according to comScore.

However, that’s amid an overall decline of 6% for video clips viewed in November compared with October. In total, U.S. Internet users watched 12.7 billion online videos in November 2008, up 34% from the same period a year prior but down from 13.5 billion the previous month, according to comScore.

Google’s YouTube was a big reason for the drop. While it maintained its top spot, serving up 5.1 billion videos (40% of all videos viewed), Google was down 5% from October. No. 2 Fox Interactive Media saw its views tumble 15.5%, while Viacom and Disney were both up for November vs. October (6.4% and 8.3% respectively).

Despite month-to-month fluctuations, then, Hulu has established its staying power in online video in fairly short order. 

Note, too, that the duration of the average online video viewed through Hulu was 11.9 minutes in November, nearly four times as long as the average online video (3.1 minutes), according to comScore.