I Want My Cloud TV!


TV Everywhere observers, take note: About one-third (35%) of adult broadband users consider having remote “cloud-based” access to their favorite TV shows to be highly valuable, ranking it a 6 or 7 on seven-point scale (with 1 being “of no value at all” and 7 being “of great value,” according to a new study by The Diffusion Group.

That’s roughly in line with other media consumers said they would find highly valuable to have access to “in the cloud,” including movies (37.6%), music (38.6%) and photos (41.6%), TDG found in the survey of 2,000 adult broadband users conducted in the second quarter of 2012.

However, overall, personal cloud-based media services are at a very nascent stage, according to TDG.

Only 9% of Internet users say they use some form of cloud-based media service or application (music, photos or video). Only 4% of all respondents said they currently have access to TV shows in the cloud — which may indicate that many pay-TV subscribers don’t know what is actually available to them online.


Programming Note:TV’s Cloud Power, exploring how operators and media companies are tapping into cloud-based technologies, has been rescheduled for Thursday, Sept. 13, at New York’s Roosevelt Hotel. Scheduled speakers include IBM’s Bob Fox, PwC’s Gordon Castle and Verizon’s Maitreyi Krishnaswamy. See multichannel.com/cloud for more info.