If John Edwards Was A Republican, Would The Media Be All Over The Story?


I’ve been waiting (and waiting) for the mainstream press to get around to at least talking about the John Edwards baby mama story

The John Edwards story is thoughtfully covered by Kansas City Star television critic Aaron Barnhart.  Aaron tracks the history of the story and gives his assessment of why the bombshell lay dormant for so long.

But it does beg the question: if Edwards was meeting up with a lover, why choose the Beverly Hilton, one of the most public spaces in Beverly Hills, or all of Los Angeles, for that matter?  It just doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Here’s some reporting from Fox News. (courtesy of Aaron).  The National Enquirer claims to have videotaped the alleged lover entering, and Edwards exiting, the Beverly Hilton hotel room.  The room (or rooms) were reportedly booked in the name of Bob McGovern, a friend of the woman.

Apparently, the reporters chased and harrassed Edwards, screaming questions and trapping him in the men’s room before he was extracted by security. 

A response from the Beverly Hilton, from the Fox News report:

Lynda Simonetti, director of public relations at the Beverly Hilton, refused to comment on the guard’s version of the incident, citing the hotel’s privacy policy.

"We value the privacy of all the guests," Simonetti told FOXNews.com, adding, "The non-disclosure policy applies to the requests of the names, whether it’s past, current or anticipated guests… That’s our policy."

Really?  That’s it?   I just stayed at the Beverly Hilton for 16 nights, including the night in question when John Edwards was hounded.  Fox News says the National Enquirer won’t give them access to the videotapes, so Fox has been unable to confirm that part of the story.

However, if true - how did the National Enquirer, as unregistered guests, so easily access the floor where Edwards’ alleged lover was supposedly staying?  How did they get their hands on guest registration records?

I hope the Beverly Hilton is investigating the incident and re-thinking their clearly lousy security.  I stayed in "Camp" Bev. Hil. for 18 days (including the night when Edwards was hounded) and noticed the easy access to the floors. 

Security was watchful in the often jam-packed lobby but gaining entry to guest floors was clearly a piece of cake.  Security was so lax that I was actually rather nervous at times.  Just about anyone could get into that hotel, if they really wanted to.  The news of John Edwards incident is pretty darn scary.