MCN Online Extra | Jan. 8, 2018

Viewer Watch 2018 | What happens in Vegas... | The 'Today' show's gender pay gap

Viewer Watch 2018 | The Stories
‘New Media?’ No Longer
The television industry is adjusting to its maturing digital dilemma

Why TV’s Golden Age Isn’t a Gilded One
As viewers and advertisers shift to streaming, expect the disruption to continue apace

Putting Consumers First With Digital
Under mounting pressure to revamp their offerings, programmers and distributors take measures to improve the viewing experience

Viewer Watch 2018 | The Charts
MCN's Annual Drill-Down Into the Data Driving the Pay TV Industry

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2. Starz Goes Dark to Altice USA Customers
3. CES 2018: TiVo Goes Device-Agnostic with New Platform for MVPDs
4. ‘Thursday Night Football' Could Go Digital, NFL Tells Networks
5. Private Equity Buyers Buying TiVo: Report

CES Preview | What Happens in Vegas...
MCN's Complete Coverage of CES 2018
NewBay Media's CES Hub: Coverage by MCN, TWICE and B&C

Voices | As I Was Saying, Gary Arlen
Distribution Challenges in CES Spotlight

Twitterati | @EmilyRPeck (Huffington Post)
Re: NBC News Names Kotb to Replace Lauer on ‘Today’

When a woman is earning a teeny fraction of what a guy made for the same work, sexism is of course involved. You can't argue it away. I'm looking at you NBC.

— Emily Peck (@EmilyRPeck) January 4, 2018