Jerry Jones, Part 2

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MCN: The NFL Network is currently fighting with Comcast over the MSO’s switch of the network from basic to its sports tier. Are you confident that the network will be able to get the network moved back to Comcast’s basic tier?

Jones: We’ve asked for an interpretation of what our contract says … we really do disagree with the initial ruling that said they could tier the network. That was not our intent. We of course are appealing that decision, but one way or another that will be behind us in 18 months [when the Comcast deal expires.]

MCN: What other recourse beyond continued negotiations can and will the NFL take to get an agreement done for the games?

Jones: I think we must look legislatively, as well as continue to demonstrate that our games are valuable to these cable companies in terms of subscriber retention and competition against satellite and the telcos that do carry NFL Network. So the real effort right now is just to create awareness. Here [the cable operators] are losing subscribers and here we are with the best content, so if you can’t make something happen with that then there’s not a wiliness to look at the situation fairly.

MCN: On a more positive note, how do you see the rest of the season shaping up for the Cowboys?

Jones: It is something that made me smile when you mentioned it – we had a big game here Sunday [a win against the New York Giants] and our team has a chance to get better.

MCN: Will we see the Cowboys in the Super Bowl?

Jones: Oh, I dare not even think about it!