'Lone Star' Freebie


Fox’s Lone Star pilot came as an insert to my poly-bagged Vanity Fair in yesterday’s mail. Love that marketing ploy! Having to see the preview to the Wall Street sequel yet again seems a reasonable price to pay. The show has an FX sensibility, which says a lot about programming dynamics these days.  My B&C colleague rightly praised the third-season opener of Sons of AnarchySunday Tuesday. I’ll have nice things to say about the likeable Terriers in a review later. (Actually there wasn’t room for it in the mag: I like the show, though.) Even Louie turned out to be a compelling comedy, with mid-sized audiences, including 819,000 in the 18-49 category, FX said in renewing it and citing four episodes’ data. Maybe my tentative print endorsement helped. Being a multitasking, DVR-using household, we didn’t watch Lone Star right away. There was a 90-minute Inspector Lewis to watch from Sunday.  The opening scenes are grabbers, though, to say the least, and 10 minutes seen so far has me sold. All in all, I’d call it an effective marketing device. You can see a preview of this edgy con-man drama here: