Mad Men's John Slattery Joins Virginia Effort to Elect Obama


Off the League of Conservation Voter’s website:

UPDATE: On October 11, join Emmy®-nominated actor John Slattery from the hit TV series Mad Men and LCV’s independent Northern Virginia campaign to elect Barack Obama president!

Barack Obama knows why American familes are hurting. That’s why he has the most comprehensive energy plan ever offered by a nominee for president.

Obama will help us save money at the gas pump, reduce our dependence on foreign oil and invest in clean, alternative energy that creates jobs and stops global warming.

This fall, you have a chance to join LCV in supporting Barack Obama for president. Our goal is to recruit 250 volunteers to talk to key swing voters about Obama’s record and plans. Every week between now and Election Day, LCV volunteers will be going door-to-door in Northern Virgina encouraging these swing voters to support Obama for President.

The 2008 presidential race may be decided by just a handful of votes. Every door we knock and every voter we engage can make the difference on November 4th. Use this form to sign up and we will contact you with more information.

Elections have consequences. This year, we can send an environmental champion to the White House who will make solving global warming a top priority. Get involved. Help elect Barack Obama!

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