Meeting Move?


According to sources, the FCC is considering moving its Sept. 16 public meeting date back by a week or so. One source had heard a week-Sept. 23-another had heard “or so.”

A spokesperson for FCC Chairman Juilus Genachowski had no comment on the rumblings to that effect, which were echoed by sources inside and outside the commission.

Currently, the FCC’s next public meeting is slated for Sept. 16. But on speculation that the meeting might include a declaratory ruling on reclassifying broadband access service under Title II common carrier regulations-speculation the chairman has also declined to comment on-several members of Congress pushed the FCC not to be too hasty, pointing out Congress was not scheduled to return until only a couple of days before that meeting and suggesting that was too narrow a window.

The FCC has been trying to get folks on both sides of the network neutrality debate to come to a meeting of the minds on targeted legislation that would clarify the FCC’s broadband regulatory authority. FCC-brokered talks broke off last week after reports, eventually borne out, that Google and Verizon had come to their own agreement on a way forward, a way that did not sit well with many network neutrality fans.

The chairman has not commented on any of the speculation about timing of any Title II declaration, but the timing of comments on the move is definite and imminent. Reply comments are due tomorrow-Aug. 12.