Miss Ya, Bret and Jemaine


It should not go unmentioned by Multichannel News that Flight of the Conchords has ended its run on HBO after two seasons.

So I won’t unmention it.

Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement, the stars, posted a comment about it on their Website Friday and you can read it here. They’re happy about the way it ended, with the lads back in New Zealand after their New York City comical musical adventures ended with them getting evicted from their apartment (there was a dispute about currency exchanges.) Their Website has lots of other funny New Zealand news, including a TV interview with a guy who got stuck in a clothes dryer, so I recommend it even if the show isn’t coming back.

In the spirit of promoting New Zealand, a major thread in the episodes I have seen, I also read a story from The New Zealand Herald quoting Reuters quoting Clement saying it was very time consuming to write the scripts plus the songs in the episodes. The video here from HBO has a chat in the recording studio where the guys talk a bit about the writing process — does the story or the song come first?

I was a late comer to the series; fortunately there was a screener disk with the last four episodes on it, which my wife and I watched back to back to back to back one recent weekend.  Now I guess I will have to resort to Netflix or iTunes or something for the rest as HBO On Demand’s series schedule doesn’t include Flight of the Conchords at the moment. It does include Sex and the City, though, in case you can’t find those shows in syndication anywhere.