MoCA Shoots For 800 Megs Over Coax

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The Multimedia over Coax Alliance is now looking at delivering a high-performance mode for the next generation of its spec capable of hitting a whopping 800 Mbps over existing in-home coax cabling, Cable Digital News reports.

You could easily fit more than 40 HD MPEG-2 streams in 800 Mbps — not that anyone other than Bill Gates has that many TVs in his house.

The 800-Meg mark would be twice what the MoCA guys were thinking about for 2.0 about a year ago (see MoCA Brewing Up Bigger Bandwidth). In terms of the theoretical PHY rates, MoCA 2.0 is presently shooting for modes targeting 700 Mbps and 1.4 Gbps, according to CDN.

While MoCA expects the 2.0 spec to be ratified by the first quarter of 2010, the final performance numbers are still subject to change, CDN reports, citing Rob Gelphman, chair of the alliance’s marketing workgroup.

Members of MoCA (not to be confused with L.A.’s Museum of Contemporary Art) include Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Cox, Verizon, DirecTV, Motorola, Cisco, EchoStar, Broadcom and Entropic.