Move Over Cable: Local Houston Stations Stream Coverage & Keep World Updated


Texas was swamped twice. The Wall Street financial meltdown quickly overwhelmed Hurricane Ike coverage.  MSM (mainstream media) has a well-earned reputation for ADHD, as evidenced by the spotty coverage post-Katrina and the floods that devastated parts of Iowa.

NYT’s Brian Stelter reports an on-going appetite for news coming out of Texas, even though the MSM has abandoned the story.  Stelter says that four local television stations in Houston are streaming "exhaustive coverage online and drawing viewers around the world."

“The reach of local broadcasters has never been greater,” Keith Connors, the news director for KHOU, the CBS affiliate in Houston, told Stelter. Connors said the station’s Web site had seen “incredible amounts of streaming.”

Stelter makes a good point - local affiliate streaming is "an alternative" to cable news "chatter." 

Click here for the NBC local affiliate.   Or here for KHOU, the CBS local affiliate.

Caveat to Mac users:  the NBC local affilate Website may not load, even if Silverlight is installed.  (Silverlight is loaded on my laptop, but the NBC streams won’t play.)

Caveat to Safari users: the KHOU site has a problem with overlapping text. The videos stream just fine.  Firefox is very clean, however.

P.S.  Why does NBC create so many impediments to streaming video off their sites?  You would think - right? - that TPTB would be interested in clearing obstacles.