Netflix Taps the iPad


Makes sense: While I’d heard over the last few months that Netflix was developing an iPhone app (see Next in Netflix’s Device Queue: iPhones), the company was actually waiting for the bigger-screen iPad.

Netflix on Friday announced the free Netflix App for iPad is available on the App Store, to let subscribers pick from more than 12,000 movies and TV shows. The “Watch Now” streaming feature is part of most Netflix plans.

“The innovation and consumer appeal of iPad make it a perfect device for instantly watching TV episodes and movies streamed from Netflix,” Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said in announcing the app.

A bunch of broadcast and cable programmers have jumped on the iPad bandwagon, too (see Cable Programmers Latch On To iPad Hype).

Apple’s marketing geniuses are touting the iPad as a “magical” device that is perfect for watching TV shows and movies at home (see The Latest iMagic Act). Mainly, that means trying to sell excited new iPad owners stuff from iTunes.

“There’s nothing like watching video on iPad. The high-resolution display brings your favorite HD movies and TV shows to life, like no device has before,” according to an Apple promotional video.

Huh. Except for, you know, that big, beautiful HDTV where you watch 99% of your video today (see Americans Still Watch 99% Of Video On TVs: Nielsen).