Nomi's Losing Bet

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Nomi Bergman is a betting woman.

On the CTO panel Tuesday at Cable-Tec Expo, Bergman — president of Bright House Networks — told a brief story about a $1,000 bet she placed with her brother, Steve Miron, who’s the MSO’s chief executive officer. “There’s this culture of betting in the cable industry about a disagreement — ‘I bet you,’” she said (see Cable-Tec Expo: Cable CTOs: Only The Paranoid Survive).

She lost the bet, and Steve wanted a $1,000 check that he could frame. But “my husband said, ‘Now I’ll never be able to balance the checkbook,’” Bergman continued, so she withdrew $1,000 in cash to give to her brother — who refused to accept it.

“I’m hoping by making this story public, I don’t have to make good on the bet,” Bergman joked.

But what was the bet about? She didn’t say. I went up afterward to ask her. “I can’t tell you!” she protested, indicating that it was industry related.

Hmm. I guess we’ll have to wait for Nomi’s tell-all book to find out…


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