NOOOOOOOO! Mojo Going Dark! No!


Noooooo!!  MOJO, the HD channel designed to appeal to upscale men with brains, is going dark.  Arrrrrrrgh.  Mojo is one of our destination channels and one that my relentlessly fussy husband watches on fairly regular basis. 

With the multitude of unwatchable, waste-of-cable-bandwidth channels in our line-up, why is this the one going dark? 

Mediaweek reports that cable operators quitely began removing the channel from line-ups several weeks ago.  :( 

MOJO programming is hip and smart without being too self-conscious and  just sweet enough to appeal to women, too.

We enjoyed Pressure Cook. Each episode, host and chef Ralph Pagano gets a one-way airline ticket to an undisclosed international location where he immerses himself in local culture.  n three days, using his wits and cooking skills, he must earn enough money for a flight home.  This show is was a clever amalgam -  part travel adventure, part introduction to exotic foods and cooking techniques.

Another favorite, especially for my husband, was Wall Street Warriors - a series that tracked the fast-paced lives of several traders.  Was this production capturing some especially interesting footage this week?

An added plus - the MOJO website is one of the best network sites on the web, with an uncluttered, user-friendly design.

With little to no promotion of note (I can’t recall any TCA presentations for instance) this decent little netork probably never stood a chance.

I wrote about it last year, however.  I’m glad I did now.