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Numbers: Folks Like the Pope

Americans Feeling Keen on Cuba, Too
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With the coverage of Pope Francis in Cuba, and his pending arrival in the U.S. later this week, Americans and Latinos are feeling keen on both the Pontiff and his choice of locale to kick off his tour, according to a Maris Poll conducted for Telemundo and MSNBC.

A solid majority of Americans -- 51% -- including 49% of Latinos say they have a positive opinion of Pope Francis.

Just under half of Americans -- 49% -- would like Pope Francis to address social and economic policy during his U.S. appearances, while 36% say he should focus entirely on religion and faith.

Latinos weighed in similarly, with 48% hoping for a broader social-economic message and 38% preferring the Pope stick to religion and faith.

Cuba is also generating some good vibrations, with 62% of Americans and 67% of Latinos saying they approve of the Obama administration’s decision to re-establish diplomatic relations with the country.

About two-thirds of the survey's respondents, including 70% of Latinos, say they think the U.S. embargo against Cuba should be lifted to allow for trade and tourism, but are split 49% nay to 48% yea on whether they would want to travel there. Among Latinos, however, 62% say they'd like to visit.

The poll was conducted by phone among 1,689 adults 18+ Aug. 26-Sept. 9. For a look at how cable is covering Pope Francis's visit, read Getting Ready for the Papal Audience.