Oops! Conservative Pundits Noonan and Murphy Thought MSNBC Mics Were Off and...


DailyKos posted the story, and now USA Today as well.  The story leaped to the top of Digg, too.

"It’s over." The choice was "cynical." Republicans are going to "blow it." leads off the USA Today post.

These remarks were made by conservative commentators Mike Murphy and Peggy Noonan who were caught in an unscripted moment describing their real feelings about the Republican vice presidential choice Sarah Palin. 

Noonan, Murphy and MSNBC anchor Chuck Todd were "overheard because the microphones were still on after an on-air appearance in St. Paul, site of the Republican National Convention," says USA Today’s Mark Memmott and Jill Lawrence.

Both Daily Kos and USA Today posted the transcript.  Here’s the actual conversation, posted on YouTube.  UPDATE:  Aaron Barnhart credits Harry Shearer as the likely source of this handiwork.