Playing The Twitter Card


Comcast started to roll out ‘SEEiT,’ its integrated tune-in/DVR-recording button, on Twitter late last week for a select batch of shows from the NBCUniversal stable, and some users have already started to give it a test run in this early phase of deployment.

BTIG Research Richard Greenfield was among them, and posted a blog (registration required) and a brief video about his early experience with SEEiT, noting that skepticism about how easily the feature would work in practice was the biggest question he was getting early on.  

So far, so good. “Our demonstration shows how fast, simple and effortless it is to control TV and mobile apps directly from Twitter,” Greenfield wrote.

One way Comcast could speed things up later is to directly link to a show’s TV Everywhere asset. As Greenfield’s demo shows, users have the option to start up Comcast’s own app or the TVE app from the programmer, but (for now, anyway) requires users to search for the show again from within the app.

Twitter cards with the embedded SEEiT button offer several options, allowing Comcast customers to tune directly to the channel via the set-top, set a DVR recording, launch a VOD title (again, via the set-top). For Comcast subs and non-subs alike, SEEiT is also capable of firing up an associated TV Everywhere app to enable playback of a show on a mobile device.

Other features (setting show reminders and to delivering text messages when specific shows are airing) are on the docket. Twitter’s the launch partner for SEEiT, but Comcast expects to offer it on other social networking services and Web sites.