The Return of NimbleTV?


NimbleTV is apparently on the road to resurrection about a month after Dish Network snuffed out access to the multi-screen wannabee. 

NimbleTV customer Michael Kilgore writes in the FTABlog that he received an email from NimbleTV telling him that the service is about to come back online…albeit with a few caveats.

Dish, he explained, will no longer bill separately for its portion of the NimbleTV fee. Also, customers will need to provide some proof that they live in New York, if they are to gain access to local broadcast channels.

Recall that NimbleTV’s plan is to sign up for satellite or cable TV service on behalf of customers and manage the installation of set-tops at a physical location. NimbleTV’s system then re-encodes the signals and delivers live TV and to DVR recordings over broadband to NimbleTV customers, who access them on PC browsers, Roku boxes, iOS devices, and the Apple TV box (via Airplay).

Before it got clipped, NimbleTV had been using Dish to deliver services for its New  York trial.

According to Kilgore, Dish is not mentioned in this recent round of correspondence from NimbleTV. So, is NimbleTV using another MVPD? Maybe not.  Kilgore tells me that his current channel guide continues to list the Blockbuster Studio Channel, which is exclusive to Dish. At this point, he can sign into his NimbleTV account, but can’t access any live TV streams yet.

Has Dish decided to play ball, or arrived at some terms that work for both parties?

When asked about NimbleTV’s coming return on Thursday, Dish issued the same cryptic response it put forth last month: “NimbleTV is not an authorized DISH retailer, and is not authorized by DISH to market or promote our services.”

That doesn’t exactly answer the question, and does seem to provide some wiggle room to NimbleTV. After all, NimbleTV isn't calling out  Dish by name anywhere.

NimbleTV, meanwhile, has not responded to multiple inquiries.

Last month, when questions to NimbleTV weren't being directed into a black hole, NimbleTV was defiant in explaining that its service isn’t affiliated with any providers, “nor does it intend to have any such relationships,” adding that it plans to soon add “new provider options from the U.S. and abroad.”