Robo Calls, The GOP Sith Lord Wing, plus Real GOP Hero: U.S. Marine & Montana Lt. Gov. John Bohlinger.

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It’s been a really crazy week.  This is a bit of a round-up.  Some of it’s borrowed from my own Twitter activity.  I’m on Twitter a lot these days. I often live tweet news or the debates.

@marymcnamara if you want to follow me.  My tweets are kind of anything goes.

‘kay. The media is all politics all the time at this point in time.  The big news: the tsunami of ugly McCain campaign robo calls, claiming Barack Obama "worked closely with domestic terrorist Bill Ayers" as well as Republican Nation Committee flyers accusing him of killing babies.

All the buzz this morning is: Colin Powell’s endorsement of  Obama. Already, Sarah Palin’s SNL appearance last night is old news.

Maine Republican Senator Olympia Snow appealed to the Sith Lord Wing of the GOP to stop the robo calls. 

Designated pit bull Sarah Palin, when she isn’t limited to reading off the teleprompter prepped by said Sith Lord Wing, appears to be somewhat more complex in person.  We don’t really know the real Sarah Palin because the GOP Sith Lord Wing (GSLW) shaped an attack dog personna for media consumption.

Un-teleprompted, she’s a bit warmer. 

"I know Obama loves America," she said during an exchange with reporters aboard her campaign plane."I’m sure that is why he’s running for president. It’s because he wants to do what he believes is in the best interest of this great nation. … I don’t question at all Barack Obama’s love for this great country."

The great irony: by imposing the pit bull personna, the GSLW stripped Sarah Palin of her most endearing media appeal - the universal mother.  The Sith Lord Wing says their all about family values, but they don’t seem to really understand the magnetism of the maternal.  (Carl Jung understood it; so did Hitler, unfortunately.)

While there’s nothing the GSLW can do about the fact that Sarah Palin is unqualified for the job, hobbling her with the pit bull personna on TOP of this glaring weakness is one of the greatest media missteps ever.

It appears that her handlers also controlled Palin’s SNL appearance to the point of being virtually useless.  The NYT reports that Palin was surrounded by staffers while on set.  Pundits are parsing the appearance this morning, wondering why her airtimes was so limited.

in other news, Friday, on Chris Matthew’s Hardball on MSNBC, Minnesota Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann wasn’t getting the Olympia Snow memo.  (you’ve probably already heard that neo-McCarthyist Bachmann called on the press to investigate "anti-American" Congresspersons, according to her definition of patriotism naturally.)

Bachmann parrotted Fox News’ Sean Hannity and the outright, oft-repeated (by GOP partisans) lie that Obama’s career was "launched in the living room of Bill Ayers."

Can we just get this straight once and for all?  It’s an outright fallacy.  Read the Chicago Sun-Times for the facts. But the RNC and McCain have been relentless in pushing the lies. It’s unclear why they’re pursuing this strategy since independent voters have turned off in droves.

It’s a classic case of doing what doesn’t work (this time anyway), harder.

I don’t think any MSM have reported the following so far, found on the fivethirtyeight website:

Over in Indiana, PA and Northern Cambria, PA, volunteers fielded complaints of a massive wave of ugly robocalls both paid for by John McCain’s campaign and those paid for by third parties. The third party call was interactive, and purported to be from Barack Obama himself. The call starts out reasonably, and then "Obama" asks what the listener thinks is the most important issue. Whatever the response, "Obama" then launches into a profane and crazed tirade using "n***er" and other shock language.

And this item, reported on,  has received little to no attention - in September, 28 million virulently anti-Muslim DVD’s were distributed as advertising inserts in 70 newspapers, "primarily in critical swing states such as Colorado, Florida and Ohio."

The hourlong film on DVD, "Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West," was made by Israeli filmmaker Raphael Shore and shows disturbing, sometimes violent images.

Rima Barakat Sinclair, who is Muslim and a Republican, was so angry she called her local lawmakers in Denver.  "It is riddled not only with misleading facts but outright fabrication," said Barakat Sinclair….

Since many members of the GOP Sith Lord Wing are promoting the "Obama as a Mustlim and terrorist sympathizer" meme,  it seems the DVD’s are designed to further stoke those hatreds.  Per CNN, the promotional materials clearly state: "It’s our responsibility to ensure that we can all make an informed vote in November."

The latest GOP conflation is: the pointless ACORN scandal - unless you believe Mickey Mouse exists. And votes. Without anyone stopping him.

U.S. Marine and GOP hero, Montana Lt. Gov. John Bohlinger stands up to his own party on voter suppression. "Montana Wins When Everyone Votes."

Heard on MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow this evening -  ‘Mudcat’ Saunders, John Edwards campaign consultant: "I was in a beer joint. A guy says, ‘Obama is a Muslim and has a crazy preacher.’  I said, ‘well, which one is it?’"

Last but not least, fivethirtyeight - the go-to hangout on the lastest polling -  has this tale from the ground in western Pennsylvania.  I hope no one is offended by the following but everyone I’ve read this out loud to love it.

So a canvasser goes to a woman’s door in Washington, Pennsylvania. Knocks. Woman answers. Knocker asks who she’s planning to vote for. She isn’t sure, has to ask her husband who she’s voting for.  Husband is off in another room watching some game. Canvasser hears him yell back, "We’re votin’ for the n***er!"
Woman turns back to canvasser, and says brightly and matter of factly: "We’re voting for the n***er."