San Francisco: Tricon's in Town, Scouting for Rocker Moms


Toronto-based Tricon Films is scouring the streets of San Francisco, looking for seasoned women interested in rockin’ and rollin’ on the sophmore season of their reality series, Rocker Moms.

Says their Craigslist ad: "Rocker Moms takes a close look into the fast paced lives of moms who have brought loud music and live performances into there [sic] homes and to the stage, while raising a family. We tour back stage and behind the scenes discovering the sometimes glamorous, sometimes strenuous reality of rock music, and bringing up kids in today’s world."

The term "Rocker Moms" entered the zeitgeist in a big way about two years ago, right around the time that Hollywood was shocked - shocked! -  to discover, due to the "surprise" success of Desperate Housewives, that viewers were intrigued by older women.  However, Mamapalooza, the entertainment webspot for creative moms who rock and roll ("Live Loud!" they say), has been around since 2002.

USA Net’s The Starter Wife, Bravo’s Real Housewives of Orange County and NBC’s upcoming reality series Age of Love, in which older women compete with younger women for the affections of a thirty-something tennis star, are all variations on the theme.

(Is it just me, or would Age of Love be a lot more interesting if the concept was turned on its head, i.e. a bunch of younger vs. older guys compete for the attention of an older woman?)

At any rate, when I mentioned the title Rocker Moms to a guy friend this morning, he asked, obliviously sincere. "Oh, is this a MILF series?"


Um, nooooo.  Rocker Moms are older women who break out of the house and start bands with names like Frump and Housewives on Prozac.  It’s Prison Break meets Desperate Housewives.  (My husband says he’s waiting for the band named PMZ - post-menopausal zest)

"See the mothers driving down the street, see their makeup melting in the heat, straight from work, the pantyhose are tight, it’s take-out tonight."
(Lyrics by the mom-rock band Frump, to the tune of ‘We’ve Got The Beat.’)

Tricon’s Rocker Moms airs on Canada’s Slice Channel, a newly rebranded network (Canada’s answer to Bravo) that has acquired Real Housewives of Orange County and Beauty and the Geek.

Tricon, a sophisticated production and distribution company with a stable of lifestyle shows, also produces content for HGTV (Canada), including Eyesore, Greenforce, and Marriage Under Construction. The company is busy licensing their formats.   Since 2004,  their Food Network/HGTV (Canada) program, Restaurant Makeover, has been licensed to "13 territories as a format deal."

Tricon’s Life Is a Trip is financed with licenses from Travel + Escape (Canada), Discovery Travel (U.S.) plus presales to Discovery Asia and TV4 Sweden.    Tricon is also negotiating format sales for their new HGTV (Canada) series GreenForce, in which landscape designers soften and seed concrete jungles with green spaces.

Given TriCon’s format licensing push, it might not be long before we see some iteration of Rocker Moms on Bravo or VH-1.  Or maybe Lifetime or WE.

And if you’re a mom with dreams of breaking out of the big house into the big time, click here for info on their June 21 San Francisco audition.  Rock on!