Shocker! Most Online Video Pirates Say They're Likely to Steal Again


I hope you’re sitting down: A survey by PricewaterhouseCoopers found that 81% of consumers who admit to pirating TV or movie content say they will likely continue to do so.

What’s actually amazing is that 19% of the pirates PwC surveyed apparently are gonna keep their noses clean. What, they recognized the error of their ways? Or they just wanted to cover their bases in case the survey was really a cover for an MPAA sting?

Anyway, what’s a bit more interesting is the reasons people gave for stealing video — 68% said DVDs were too expensive, while 53% cited the ability to see it earlier than if it were available through legitimate means. A total of 36% agreed with the statement, “Why should I contribute to the profits of big movie companies?”

Other findings: Pirates surveyed said the most they’re willing to pay for digital video is $3 per movie and $1 for a TV show. More people watched TV shows illegally via streaming (83%) than movies (69%). Meanwhile, 61% of respondents downloaded TV shows for free and 52% downloaded stolen movies.

PwC conducted the online survey in September 2010, polling 202 people between 18 and 59 “who had acknowledged their participation in online piracy within the last six months.”

The seven-page report is available here:


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