Shoot Your Home Movies in 3D

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How to sell premium-priced 3DTV sets, when there are just a handful of 3D Blu-ray titles out and the only full-time 3D channel is DirecTV’s n3D?

One idea: Let ‘em make their own 3D flicks.

If you don’t find History’s The Universe: 7 Wonders of the Solar System on DirecTV’s n3D compelling enough for the upgrade, maybe capturing your 6-year-old jumping off the high dive at the town pool in three dimensions would push you over the edge.

Panasonic on Tuesday debuted the HDC-SDT750, which it’s claiming is the world’s first consumer 3D camcorder. The product is scheduled to be available in October for a suggested retail price of $1,400.

To shoot 3D video, you need to attach the included 3D conversion lens, which records left- and right-eye images simultaneously through its two lenses. The right and left images — each with 960 x 1080 pixels — are recorded using the side-by-side method.

And to play back the 3D videos, you’ll need to hook up the camcorder via an HDMI cable to a compatible 3DTV, such as (you guessed it!) Panasonic’s Viera Full HD 3D televisions.

Besides the 3D capabilities, the SDT750 can record full 1080p HD when the 3D conversion lens is unattached, and includes features such as a 12x optical zoom, time-lapse recording and 5.1-channel audio recording.