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Snow Day TV

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School’s out (for some) in N.Y.C., giving me a chance to make some TV recommendations.

I’ve been watching The Weather Channel, natch, and SportsCenter sent an anchor out to the parking lot in Bristol, Conn., to report on the snow drifts. Photo here.

I also caught the DVR replay of John Oliver’s performance at the Verizon iPhone presser, as noted earlier by Todd Spangler.

Fortunately I have some screener disks too and this gives me a chance to plug some new and returning cable shows.

In no special order I can recommend the new comedies on IFC, The Onion News and Portlandia. Especially Portlandia, a sketch comedy show with SNL’s Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein that’s on the gentle side of satire but very engaging and funny.

Justified on FX returns as one of TV’s best dramas, largely because of Timothy Olyphant as Elmore Leonard’s U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens and Walton Goggins (of The Shield) as his nemesis/ally, Boyd Crowder. And from the pilot episode that premiered last week here, before the snow returned (see this week’s Through the Wire), FX’s Lights Out is another winning drama, sensationally cast.

Oops, need to take a break and break out the toboggan. More later.

OK. I’ve seen the first three episodes of Shameless and am thoroughly hooked in, terrific performances, especially Emmy Rossum. I am going to succumb to the buzz soon and put in the Episodes DVD — getting very good notices.

I’m not in the Being Human demo — I shun anything to do with vampires since Buffy left the scene.  I did not watch the original on BBC America. I did enjoy the first episode of the new Syfy version, though. Still not sure, though, about any show that compounds having a vampire with having a ghost character.

And I belatedly endorse Discovery Channel’s Gold Rush Alaska, several episodes in and an established hit. Compelling stuff. Reminds me to check in on NGTV’s hit Alaska State Troopers. Anything to do with Alaska is in, apparently.