Sony's Google TV Sets: $200-$400 Extra


Too lazy to get off the couch to search for something on the Web? It’ll cost you to get a Google-fortified TV.

Sony’s Google TV-based sets will go on sale online this Saturday, in 24-, 32-, 40- and 46-inch models priced at $600 to $1,400 — $200 to $400 more expensive than comparable non-Google sets, the AP reports.

The Sony Internet TV, and the $400 Google-enabled Blu-Ray Disc player, include a bulky remote with a QWERTY keyboard that has already been widely panned across the blogosphere.

Last week, Logitech launched its Google-based Revue box, which provides only HDMI input/outputs, at a list price of $300 (see llogitech). Dish will offer it to subs for $179, but will charge $4 per month to take advantage of the Google TV features with a receiver (see Dish To Flog Logitech’s Google TV Box).

An electronics industry exec had previously estimated the components necessary for Google TV would add $200-$300 per unit to the retail price (see Google TV: Up to $300 Price Premium?).

As I’ve said before, it’s unlikely a huge number of people will pay a big premium to be able to browse Internet content on the TV (see Is TV One of Google’s Science Projects? and Can Google Be a TV Star?).

Already, 58.7% of consumers simultaneously use the Internet and watch TV, according to Nielsen’s “Three Screen Report” for Q1 2010. Of those, about one-third of the time they spend surfing the Web they’re also watching TV — about 3 hours, 41 minutes per month.

Will they want to change that behavior, and clutter up the big screen with the Web? More important, if you’re watching TV with somebody else — do they want you to be futzing around online in the middle of their favorite primetime show?