Spike Gets Lively Social Engagement for Death-Match Show

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Back on the topic of how social media activity drives TV viewers, Spike TV sent over some stats about its recent audience-participation app for last week’s live season finale of Deadliest Warrior (see Spike TV App Will Let Fans Vote During Live ‘Deadliest Warrior’ Finale, MTV VMAs: Social Monster and Social Science).

During the Sept. 14 telecast, fans were invited to vote on who should win the “UnDeadliest” face-off between vampires and zombies.

According to Spike, the initiative was a hands-down (heads-off?) success: 39% of viewers who visited the dedicated broadcast website participated in the voting, with more than 30,0000 unique visitors and 340,000-plus total votes during live broadcast. The voting features and apps were delivered through startup Loyalize.

On the ratings front, Spike TV’s telecast of the Deadliest Warrior season 3 finale drew a season-best 1.9 million viewers, which was the largest audience for the series since the season 1 finale. The telecast took third place for the night among cable nets among the desirable demo of men ages 18-34.

The Deadliest Warrior section on Spike.com had its second-largest audience this season, up 52% versus the average, and served 52,000 total video streams, up 97% vs. the show’s Aug. 3 live special.

Again, it’s not clear from the numbers whether the audience-engagement drove the ratings or vice versa, but both factors are probably at work here.

P.S. You can watch the full episode here.

Spoiler alert! The vampires win — but there’s a catch at the end…


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