'SportsCenter' Copy: Of Boli and Bull


SportsCenter anchor John Anderson’s postscript to ESPN’s coverage of Alex Rodriguez’s interview with YES’s Kimberly Jones Saturday morning, following his walk-off home run in the second game of the Yankees-Red Sox series, went along the lines of “boli, boli, boli.”

That was an apparent reference to the performance-enhancing drug that ARod’s cousin administered to the slugger back in 2003, when both were young and stupid.

For those who don’t necessarily subscribe to the perception that the worldwide leader favors The Nation over the Evil Empire, one can only hope that Anderson, or another SportsCenter anchor, will crack equally wise in reviewing David Ortiz’s expected comments during a scheduled press conference at Yankee Stadium today.

The Bosox’s bulky DH is supposed to talk before the game about his inclusion on the list of more than 100 MLBers, including ARoid, who tested positive for using PEDs during the 2003 season.

Stuck for copy ideas?  “Bull,” “bull,” “bull” might be appropriate for Big Papi’s expected denial-explanation?