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Spring is Breaking

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Some survival tips for cable’s last (at least for a while) "Spring Break" week in New York City, which hits a peak today (March 4).

First, don’t be deceived by the balmy 61 degrees and sunshine this morning. The forecast is for rain, starting early this afternoon. Bring an umbrella.

Second, don’t forget the day’s events are not all in the same location, the way they have been some years past. This morning’s Horowitz Associates multicultural forum and the Multichannel News/WICT New York chapter Wonder Women luncheon are at the New York Hilton on Sixth Avenue. The Cable Positive dinner, featuring "The Power Awards," tonight is at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square. Always good to be at the right hotel.

Third… well does there always have to be a third?

See you around. 


Update, update: My umbrella advice was a good one as it sprinkled pretty hard coming out of the Hilton where the Wonder Women luncheon was held. My next piece of advice is: if you buy an umbrella from a street vendor, don’t pay more than $3.

We’ll be posting more from the Wonder Women event in a little while, but for now I must share one aside that likely won’t make it into the coverage.

CNN’s Soledad O’Brien, one of three celebrity presenters at the event, is getting on the escalator on the way down from the ballroom area. When she’s fan-accosted by well-known Manhattan public-access TV host Robin Byrd. The Robin Byrd of numerous court decisions keeping her sexually explicit show on cable, to Time Warner Cable’s chagrin.

I was a few steps down but I believe it was Byrd who said to O’Brien — "You’re a pioneer!" Came the somewhat muted reply: "So are you!"

You won’t get a spring-break moment like that in Washington next year.