TCA/ABC's Steve McPherson


A little bit of mop-up of some impressions of the ABC portion of the TCA press tour so far:

In the land of illusion, perception is everything.   He hid it well but anxiety, or perhaps concern, was evident in the comments of ABC entertainment president Steve McPherson.  McPherson exorted the press to "root" for broadcast.

McPherson also said that "Desperate [Housewives] was the only ABC show "to grow after it came back" from the writers strike.

Here McPherson did some cheerleading.  The underscoring is mine.

"…..I think more than ever, I hope the message that you get out from all of us competitors across the board is that we’re rooting for broadcast television. I think this Fall it’s important for all the networks to get the viewers back, get them excited about the programs, get them back into the characters and storylines and dynamics that they love….

Then 15-seconds or so later:

"I really can’t emphasize enough that I’m rooting for allof broadcast television in the Fall…. more than ever, we all kind of have to take a step back and root for the industry.

I think it’s a great one. I think we’re in great shape. We saw with the Upfront, the money is

there. The interest is there. You know, there was a lot of nay-saying and a lot of doomsday propositions before the Upfront. And as you can see, this business is incredibly vibrant.

But I think it’s really important, as all networks, to get people back in the

Fall and get them excited again."

Then a reporter asked this question:  "A follow-up earlier to what you said earlier about promoting to get back to the Fall…Where are you focusing most of your energy, and how hard is that after the strike season?"

"…..I think there’s a reality to cutting through the clutter that hopefully we can do," replied McPherson, "even if it’s returning shows, getting people back and excited about it. Desperate was the only show to grow after it came back."