The Tedium Is The Message3


Grey’s Anatomy took the big dive during a February’s sweeps three episode ferry explosion arc – breathlessly marketed in ABC promos as “the most important hour(s) of television this season” or something like that.  After Meredith is pulled blue and lifeless from the water after a flailing patient topples her into the harbor, 

ABC told the audience not to “miss the devastating conclusion.”

Riiiighhht, snerked the fans commenting on Maureen Ryan’s blog - like ABC was going to change the name of the series to “Anatomy.” 

At the time, hope did spring eternal that we would finally be rid of Meredith and with her the interminable Meredith/McDreamy romance, ??????? carried by yet another pair of actors who have little chemistry.

The set up pretty much guaranteed lots of bedside UST (or hurt/comfort) but I never retuned to Gray’s Anatomy to find out if McDreamy declared his love over a bedpan, in true fanfic tradition.  (But the fanfic writers do it a lot better than most television dramas anyway.)

Gray’s Anatomy fans are turning apathetic and, worse, they’re angry.   Shonda Rhime, claim the fans, s like to reframe this fury as a sign that fans still care enough to be passionate.   No, it is what it is.  They just. Don’t. Care.

See below for a sampling of frustrated and angry comments off Television without Pity.  Frustrated and angry comments are just that – a sign that viewers are about to jump ship.

dmdell119, Loyal Viewer Nov 14, 2007 @ 2:26 pm, Post#7354

<All this nonsense just breeds apathy.>

WORD. I never thought I wouldn’t be able to muster some kind of excitement for GA. But, as everyone said…I am so tired. I can’t even bother to be upset like I was, or care like I was. I expect a train wreck. It would be nice not to get what I expect for once.

McMeredith123, Video Archivist, Nov 14, 2007 @ 5:45 pm Post#7373

<I am in awe at Shonda and Co.’s utter stupidity. What the fuck kind of writing is that? Here’s an idea…Come with new goddamn ideas because I’ve seen this one about 20 times already on this show.>

Total word. I’m honestly apathetic toward this latest plot point. It’s the same crap over and over. Shonda told us this would be a season of change - FYI Shonda, nothing has changed for Meredith and Derek in the last 15 or so episodes. It’s the same emotionally draining, depressing crap. They don’t have any new stories, any new movement. I am just tired of this show.

CSphillyeagles, Couch Potato, Nov 14, 2007 @ 9:13 pm, Post#7397

Ok, why don’t they just literally rip open my chest, tear out my heart, and stomp on it? Uggghhhh.  Ok, step 2 in my 12 step-plan: "Pushing Daisies." Efffing terrific.

Okay, then.  It’s not just me.

The following shows are currently RUST’ing out:

Chuck:  NBC dangled the Chuck/Sarah carrot in their promos.  In last week’s episode, they lie in bed and talk.  Later, Sarah admits (under the influence of sodium penathol) that there is “zero” chance for the relationship but eventually reveals (just not to Chuck) she’s been trained to resist the effects of the drug.  She watches tearfully as Chuck fires up another relationship.

And, darn -  it looks like the bane of Buy More’s staff – despotic assistant manager, comic foil and RUST-oleam,  Harry Tang (C.S. Lee) was packed off to Hawaii!  (Perhaps Lee is too busy on Dexter where he plays the hilariously deviant lab tech Vince Masuka, the amputee devotee.)

Other UST endangered series:   Reaper (Sam/Andi), Journeyman (Dan/Livia), and Life (Charlie/Constance).