Terrence J Looks To Strike Chord At `E! News'


Actor and TV personality Terrence Jenkins will move into the E! News anchor desk tonight (Nov. 12) as co-host of E!’s popular entertainment news show. Jenkins, who most recently served as co-host of BET's 106 & Park daily music countdown show, is no stranger to the entertainment business: he’s also appeared in such recent theatrical features as Think Like a Man, Burlesque and Sparkle, as well as BET's top scripted dramedy series The Game.

I recently had a chance to talk to Jenkins –better known to his fans as Terrence J – about his move from BET to E! and his role on E! News.  An edited version of our interview appears below.

TU: What prompted you to move to E! Entertainment and E! News?

Terrence Jenkins:  It’s an amazing opportunity. I’ve always been a fan of E! and of the show and I look forward to working with [E! News co-host Giuliana Rancic]  and hitting a home run.

TU: What will you bring to the show that we haven’t seen before?

TJ: What I really love about E! News is its credibility. There are so many outlets right now that have no credibility and are offering a lot of hogwash. With E! they take their time with the story and it’s a very positive show so it’s not negative in the way it spins things. As a consumer of the show it’s really refreshing to see stories told from a point of view like that. As far as me being a part of that I’m a very fun guy and I plan to bring a lot of energy and a lot of charisma, and I’m going to have a lot of fun with it.  

TU: When you were at BET you were involved in a number of other projects, including acting roles on cable shows and on the big screen. Will you continue to pursue that side of the business?

TJ: Absolutely. One thing  I love about E! is their flexibility to  allow me to do roles outside of the network. I’ll be filming Think Like A Man 2 [the sequel to the hit comedy film based on Steve Harvey’s best selling book] and I just wrapped up a film called Baggage Claim with Paula Patton, so that will be  the next time you’ll see me on screen.

TU: Will you be working on any other projects for E!?

TJ: Yes, we have a lot of different shows that we’re planning and are in production on, and I look forward to doing a lot of red carpet specials as well. During my first week at E! News I’ll also cover the American Music Awards so I’m looking forward to being on camera as well as in the production meetings and behind the scenes.

TU: You mentioned the AMAs.  How much will you devote your time and coverage toward the music industry?

TJ: Actually my first sit down interview will be with Chris Brown and another follow-up interview will be with LL Cool J, so I’m absolutely integrating all of my music business relationships. As a result we’re going to get some more in depth interviews and some really fun stuff with people in the music world. In addition the show is expanding; you’ll see some high profile sports guys as well. You’re always going to get the top notch entertainers in music and television, so we’re just going to continue to be at the top of pop culture. If people are talking about something at the water cooler at work, we’re going to be hitting you over the head with it at E! News.  

TU: How do you see the entertainment news genre on television developing given the amount of content that’s currently available on the web?

TJ: TV is still a very powerful medium so it’s not going away anytime soon. E! has a very unique advantage and position in  that unlike our competition, we’re offering 24 hours of entertainment. E! News runs three or four times a day whereas our competition only runs once, and with all of that said we’re integrating into E! Online. Keeping checking out E! Online and show because it all flows together.