There'll Always Be an Olympics


Comcast/NBCU and the British Embassy got together Friday to welcome the Olympic Games with a cocktail party at the Ambassador’s residence for the ambassador and a few hundred of his closest friends spread out over the residence ballroom, dining room, drawing room and gardens.The event included a green-screen station where partygoers could play at being Olympic champions against a London street view or Olympic stadium. Also moving through the crowd to the pulse of iPhone camera flashes was one of Olympic torches–from an Irish leg–that had made the circuit around Britain. The flame, rather than the torch, is passed, so there are numerous torches.

Viewing stations for the opening ceremonies were large-screen TV’s set in ornate gilded frames mimicking the portraits that populated the walls of the staircase that led to the main milling-around areas, portraits that included a massive one of King George the Third, the last King of America (not including Elvis).

The main hosts were Britain’s and Comcast/NBCU’s respective top Washington representatives, Ambassador Peter Westmacott and Comcast/NBCU exec David Cohen. Also among the host of hosts were Comcast/NBCU Washington President and former NCTA chief Kyle McSlarrow, and former SVP government affairs and former FCC Commissioner Meredith Attwell Baker. There were current FCC members as well: Republican Robert McDowell and Democrat Mignon Clyburn.

Comcast/NBCU will also host a couple of Olympic viewing parties at their Washington offices next week to show off the next generation of Ultra-HD, 16 times the resolution of the current high-def picture.