TiVo: Love Me Do


That cute little TiVo guy/gal/thing used to be your friend (”My TiVo Gets Me“). Now he/she/it wants to get more serious.

TiVo has taken the anthropomorphization of its set-top DVRs to a whole new level by, um, positioning its product as an object of romantic interest.

The company signed Chris Harrison, host of ABC’s The Bachelor and The Bachelorette reality series, as "celebrity spokesman" for the new TiVo HD DVR. Harrison, according to TiVo, "brings to HDTV owners the exciting news that TiVo HD is the ideal match for fans of high-definition entertainment."

Notes TiVo: "Of course, it’s a lot easier to bring home a TiVo HD DVR than it is to hook up with that certain someone." And: "Talk about available. TiVo costs less than most first dates and is now fully stocked at tivo.com and leading retailers such as Best Buy and Circuit City."

But wait, the metaphor gets stretched even further.

As part of the Harrison promo (wasn’t Chuck Woolery available?), TiVo has launched HookUpWithTiVo.com, home to the company’s contest to find someone who really, really, really loves their TiVo and can prove it by writing a fake personals ad.

On the site, the — hunky? statuesque? – HD DVR purrs: "Hi, I’m the new TiVo HD and I’m looking for a long-term relationship with an eligible HDTV and human companion… Need someone who knows how to press all of my buttons."

Not that the personals-ad thing comes across as desperateor anything, but is it fair to ask why nice little TiVo guy/gal has had trouble finding a suitable mate?

In any event, suggesting amorous engagement with your DVR even figuratively surely will rile up a few of the nation’s moral crusaders. Heck, it’s probably illegal in a few states to profess love for your home electronics.