TV Everywhere Needs Live Content


Adding live linear access to the TV Everywhere mix would drive widespread use of the service, enhance operator value, and even generate new incremental revenue, according to a new research report from The Diffusion Group.

TDG’s study found that 64% of online video viewers ranked real-time content as “highly valuable,” leading the Texas research firm to conclude that such TVE programming “would be widely used and increase the perceived value of the subscription.”

In its free report “Bringing Multiscreen Live Linear Programming to Operator ‘TV Everywhere’ ”TDG calls live TVE content “something operators definitely need as prices continue to increase and OTT [over-the-top video] becomes more competitive.”

The TDG study found that 80% off the online video viewers it surveyed want to see live, linear content via TV Everywhere. “Instead of only having access to on-demand content (which comprises most of today’s TVE offerings), [subscribers] would receive real-time TV transmissions over broadband so that they can access live TV on any ’net-connected device,” the TDG study concluded. .

Michael Greeson, founding partner at TDG, said that his group’s study affirms that cable operators and programmers must move beyond today’s TVE focus on pre-recorded content.

“If there is any doubt as to what pay-TV providers should do to increase the use of their TV Everywhere services and enhance brand value perception, that doubt is now removed.” Greeson said.

He pointed out that about half of TDG’s survey respondents said they already watch live streaming channel, such as ESPN 3.Greeson noted that 65% of respondents said they have watched a live one-time event, especially sports. Three out of four said they were highly likely to use a second screen to watch live content offered by their pay TV provider.

Such usage rates are well above today’s TVE viewing levels of about 22% of subscribers, according to TDG’s research.